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Zions Public Finance - Nevada

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Zions Public Finance is a municipal advisory firm offering a comprehensive range of products and services exclusively for Nevada local governments. Our municipal advisory services include debt issuance, debt management, strategic planning, resource allocation, investor outreach and secondary market disclosure. We are dedicated to providing sound, creative and objective financial advice.

Our Commitment

We are strongly committed to providing high-quality and dedicated service to all our clients. Our philosophy is to provide exceptional, comprehensive financial services with minimal burden placed on our clients. Our commitment to consistently deliver innovative financial solutions results in obtaining the most cost-effective financing arrangements for our clients.

Contact Information

Andrew Artusa, Managing Director
Zions Public Finance | 230 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 200 | Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
Phone: (702) 796-7080 | Fax: (702) 796-2975
Email: andrew.artusa@zionsbank.com