Continuing Disclosure
Zions Public Finance has been preparing and submitting disclosure reports on behalf of governmental entities since 1997. Our expert service includes the research and data compilation necessary to complete the annual preparation of disclosure reports as well as monitoring our clients' municipal debt for material events. Zions continuing disclosure services confirms our clients are in compliance with their post–issuance disclosure obligations.

Continuing disclosure services are offered by Zions Public Finance. A representative sample of our projects over the past ten years follows below:
    • Park City
    • Project
    • In 2014, Park City hired the Zions Public Finance disclosure team to perform a review of the City’s past continuing disclosure compliance during the Securities and Exchange Commissions’ Municipal Continuing Disclosure Cooperative (MCDC) Initiative. Our comprehensive review of the City’s historical disclosure restored its compliance. The City then hired Zions to provide ongoing disclosure services, which include monitoring disclosure compliance; ongoing surveillance for material events; and, preparing and filing the City’s annual disclosure report to the MSRB's Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website.

    • Davis School District
    • Project
    • For over two decades, Zions Public Finance has provided disclosure services to Davis School District. During this time, Zions has prepared and filed every disclosure report accurately and within the required time frame. Additionally, Zions assisted the District with material event notices regarding rating upgrades and disseminating direct purchase transaction information to the investment community. Currently Zions reports on over 150 securities for the District.

    • UAMPS
    • Project
    • In 2005, Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) hired Zions Public Finance to prepare their annual continuing disclosure. UAMPS’ continuing disclosure is complex due to the variety of projects and members who are named as participants in each transaction. Continuing disclosure is not only required for UAMPS as the issuer of bonds, but also participating members as members are named as obligated persons. Under the SEC disclosure rule, obligated persons are subject to continuing disclosure. Currently, Zions Public Finance files UAMPS annual disclosure reports for 14 members as well as the issuer annual disclosure report.