Municipal Leasing
Zions Bank has streamlined the leasing process to make it user-friendly and cost-effective. The Bank can finance a variety of equipment as well as real estate in certain circumstances.

Municipal leasing services are offered by Zions Bank, a division of Zions Bancorporation, N.A. A representative sample of our projects over the past ten years follows below:
    • Provo City
    • Project
    • The Provo City $2.49 million Fire Truck Equipment Lease provided capital for the purchase of a Rosenbauer 109’ Ladder Truck and a Rosenbauer Heavy Rescue Truck. Zions Bank was able to offer a competitive rate while giving Provo the flexibility to call the financing at any time without a prepayment penalty. The financing was secured by lease payments and interest in the equipment.

    • Moab City
    • Project
    • The Moab $1.815 million Real Property Lease helped the City meet workforce housing needs for their tourism industry. The City used the funds to purchase 2.95 acres of land. The City will later add bond financing in order to build an 80-unit affordable housing complex on the property.

    • Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation
    • Project
    • Each year Cottonwood Heights Recreation District rotates exercise equipment – retiring old equipment and purchasing new equipment. Zions Bank regularly provides the financing to purchase the new equipment. Most recently, Zions Bank assisted Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation, with a $101,528 Equipment Lease that provided bank qualified, callable anytime financing as part of the Service Area’s fitness room project.